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About US

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Haritex Corporation :
US FDA registration / ISO 9001:2015 certification / ISO 13485" 2016 certification.

HARITEX  was established in 1975 (AD 1975). It imported raw hides and chemical raw materials.

The medical products department was established in 1992. With the local high-quality materials and professional manufacturing conditions in Taiwan, we began to produce and sell disposable medical products, especially disposable scissors. Stable quality and price are praised by foreign customers, and it is also one of the rocks of HARITEX Co., Ltd. If you are interested in our listed products or unlisted products, please let us know through the following contact methods. After receiving your instructions, we will respond as soon as possible.
Thanks to the full assistance and support of domestic and foreign suppliers and the continuous purchase of customers' trust, the open company can grow and expand its business year by year in a stable manner. Thank you for your attention and wish business prosperity!